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More than a design, a lifestyle

Blanc Marine Intérieurs is a design firm founded in 2010 that stands out for its timeless and unique interiors.


Our signature is classic, contemporary and we favor the elegance of noble materials to flashy and ephemeral trends. Our finishes, colors and textures are meticulously chosen, thus anchoring our creations in the past, present and future. Every space, every detail is carefully thought out and this is what makes Blanc Marine Intérieurs a design firm apart.


Melanie & Laurence were an absolute pleasure to work with! After 5 years of struggling with a difficult space, I asked the professionals and they delivered! A brand new layout no-one else had considered, a colour palette, fabric recommendations and links to furniture- they gave it all! They are so kind & talented and I wish I could hug them in thanks for all their help! Highly recommend working with them!

I loved my experience speaking with Melanie and Laurence, they were friendly, knowledgeable, and very prepared to answer all of my questions ! I was given many suggestions, links and drawings that I will be referring to throughout my renovation process. I cannot recommend them enough!!

My consultation exceeded all my expectations ! Melanie & Laurence gave me concrete suggestions, resources and tricks for my project. They took the time to answer all my questions and they gave me the confidence to move forward with the design !





Our Services, Your project.


Before starting any new project, we take the necessary time to discuss in detail your tastes and your vision.


Once the proposal is accepted, we put everything in motion to book you a spot in our calendar for the creation of your concept.


When the concept is approved, we ensure the implementation and execution in a collaborative approach.


Contact us



840 Notre-Dame, Montréal (Lachine), H8S 2B7

Please note: we have a waiting list of about 1 months for an initial consultation, and a waiting period of about 1-2 months to start a new project, after your initial consultation.

If you contact us for a new project, please fill out the attached form, in order for us to process your request.

Thank you.

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