When it comes to the execution phase we offer two types of approaches.

The first is to answer your questions during the execution of the work. The client remains responsible for following up with the contractor and other trades required on the site. Typically, we will validate the progress as well as the respect of the design created during the project at the rate of one or two visits depending on the complexity.

The second approach is to offer you a completely turnkey service from the complete design to the final delivery of your project. We will thus carry out all the necessary follow-ups with the various stakeholders and suppliers, ensure that everything is installed according to plans and we will deliver a completely personalized design, of quality and according to the agreed deadlines.


While difficult to assess in terms of cost, you can generally expect design fee charges to add up to 10-15% of the overall cost of your work.

* We also offer the service of storage and installation of furniture and accessories for a "turnkey" service. The price of this service can be evaluated following the realization of your design concept according to the scope of your project.

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